Spokane Municipal Court

eCourt Portal


eFiling Requires Case Association
and Login

In order to eFile in a case, a filer must have login credentials and be an active case participant, such as a party or attorney of record. A written Notice of Appearance must be filed by any attorney seeking to represent a defendant in a Spokane Municipal Court case, as per SPMCrRLJ 4.1 Because an attorney filing a Notice of Appearance will not yet be associated with the case, all Notices of Appearance must be filed in person at the Clerk’s window, by mail, or by email to the Court at MC NOA.

To request login credentials for eCourt Portal, you may complete a Request for eCourt Portal Login Permissions – Attorneys & Staff or Request for eCourt Portal Permissions - Defendants. An Account Creation & Login user guide is available to help you with the process. Please email completed forms to mcadmin@spokanecity.org.